Angelo D’Aria
Qingdao Seven Star Praying Mantis Boxing Committee Italian Branch

Strada San Vittore,3
27058 Voghera (PV) Italy

cellulare: 0039 338 1115346

mail: tanglang.italia [ at ]

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  1. Sifu D’Aria,

    Please forgive me for writing in English.

    I am a teacher in the U.S., teaching monkey style kung fu. I am interested in your work in white ape as part of mantis kung fu. I very much appreciate your video on youtube showing all seven forms in the white ape set.

    If I could humbly ask a question… I have seen the forms labelled this way: Bai Yuan Chu Dong 白猿出洞, Bai Yuan Kui Yuan白猿魁园, Bai Yuan Tou Tao 白猿偷桃, Bai Yuan Gun 白猿棍, Bai Yuan Xian Tao 白猿献桃, Bei Dou Quan 北斗拳. These forms in English would be white ape exits the cave, white ape spies the orchard, white ape steals a peach, white ape staff, white ape offers the peach, north star fist.

    You have the forms listed on your video as chu dong, tou tao (those are the same and I understand them), and then chuan zhi, xian shu, xiao mu, and xian guo. Is it possible to translate which of the English names correspond to the different Chinese names you gave in the video?

    Thank you so respectfully for your time.

    Sensei Dawn Prince

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